Notes from Quarantine

2020.05.29 by Josh Erb; 185 words.

Washington, DC (my place of current residence) has had a stay-at-home order in place for just shy of 3 months. This means several things, most importantly it means that people are dying in our hospitals and the global and local economy are going to be limping along for the foreseeable future. I'm posting this today, because today is the day the Mayor has announced we'll be entering "Phase 1" of reopening.

There have been plenty of think pieces and lengthy Twitter threads about the havoc that this health crisis has wrought, so I'm not going to wade into those heady waters. I think that Jonathan Sturgeon captured it best back in April, so I'll drop his words here and leave it at that:

"[...] global capitalism is like an animal that suffocates when it fails to move. Meanwhile, human beings everywhere suffocate without ventilators, especially the poor and elderly and sick. Not metaphorically."
-- Care Package

Editor's Note: This post is my first attempt at a shorter format in an attempt to write here more frequently.

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