Ugh. Homework.

2011.10.02 by Josh Erb; 377 words.

It's a Sunday night and I'm waiting for my significant otter to get online. For this reason I have decided to put off homework so that I might, well, blog about homework. I have successfully survived the first week of actual class and thus far the homework has been pretty light in all my classes. Save one. Modern Standard Arabic, I am slowly realizing, has the potential to become the bane of my existence during these next few months. Here's a picture of half of the first exercise I had to do over the weekend.

Please excuse the poor lighting

The picture quality isn't the greatest, but that's only because my notebook is literally sitting on the desk right next to me and I took the picture mid-blog. Like I said, procrastination. It's nice to be back into a routine that allows me the luxury of procrastination. My schedule for this semester didn't turn out quite the way I would have hoped. I'll be taking a class on the Qu'ran, a "core" class on Moroccan culture and history, a political science course on Morocco's relationship with Europe (this one is in French), and two Arabic courses for Moroccan Colloquial Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic, respectively. It seems like a lot when you write it down, but in all honesty, aside from the homework I've been putting off this semester seems like it is going to be a lot less stressful than any other semester I've had the pleasure of enduring back home at the University of Illinois. And I certainly won't have enough homework to dissuade me from ascending Toubkal, the tallest peak in North Africa, this upcoming weekend. Nor will it dissuade me from any other occasional weekend trip that might strike my fancy.

All this to say that I finally have homework to prevent me from blogging. This blog is a testament of my commitment to you, dearest reader. I will not let something as frivolous as 4-5 exercises in MSA stand in the way of keeping you up to date on my adventures. Not even a midterm could prevent me from using this beautiful form of procrastination.

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