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2009.01.21 by Josh Erb; 222 words.

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So, a lot of things have changed since my last update...a month ago...yeah, sorry Anita, my mom told me all about what I was putting you through. But yeah aside from the national news that happened yesterday, a lot more important things have happened in my personal life. After a rough ending with my first host family, I am now living comfortably with my seconde family accross the street...yeah, big changes. But one things that's changed is my computer situation...and that's why I'm blogging from this awesome cyber cafe I discovered, so I hope you enjoy this blog, it's my most expensive one yet. I've also seen many things whilst visiting France a bit with my new host family. In fact I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time in my life the day after Christmas. (If you'll direct your attention to the photo). But yeah, I'm trying to be quick so that I don't spend even more money, so just know that I'm safe and doing well, in less than 15 days I'll be on my first of two bus trips, (in Spain). But yeah, Thanks for reading. I'll try to start updating more often.

The Tower of Eiffel
I came, I saw, I concered.

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