Europe has been Conquered.

2009.04.18 by Josh Erb; 340 words.

Greeting fellow readers!
I know that I've gotten into the really bad habit of writing only about once a month...and I'm sorry I know that there must be certain people who bight their fingernails with anxiety waiting for my posts. (Okay, maybe not but I enjoy the thought of people worrying about me enough to destroy their fingernails.)

So, to fill everyone in. I just got back from a trip which allowed me to be in a total of six countries in 12 days. After doing the mileage math and such you should be able to understand why I'm feeling pretty half dead on the day after my return. So please excuse any serious spelling errors or illogical sentence structures. Also, to add to my tiresome journey, I decided to change families the weekend after getting back. That's right I'm currently with my new fam' and I'm really bonding with them while in Zombie mode. I like them alot though, they let me sleep as much as I want...maybe the key to that is just looking like crap while you're awake.

So anyway, to summarize the trip: France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Monaco, and Switzerland. It was an amazing/once in a lifetime experience that'll never forget. Especially since Altzheimer's isn't a part of my family's medical history. And as I'm coming to the end of this incredible year I just can't believe it's gone by so fast...I mean, already my family is coming to visit me in less than two months! (I'm completely unprepared by the way.) And if these last two weeks have taught me anything it's that my family is going to need a vacation a bit more relaxing than the one I just had. So until next time (next month considering the recent pattern) Thanks for reading and

À bientôt!

Germany is tight!

Street in Germany
You won't see that many consonants in any other language.

Touristy, but fun.


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