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So, I decided it would probably be going idea to update everybody on what's been going on here before I leave for my trip on vacation. And since I discovered the the cybercafé only cost 1.50€ with my "youth pass", I told myself go for it. So yes, this upcoming mondya I'm leaving for the first of two trips in Europe. This one lasts from February 9th to Febraury 16th (If I remember correctly). I'll start out in Paris, go to Dijon & Lyon, and then it's off to Spain! Yes Spain, the magical country where the sun always shines and the cigarettes are half as expensive. Among other things I'll be visting the museums of Picasso & Salvador Dahli. I'm so excited I can barely contain my enthusiasm (whether I can spell it or not). So yes, I hope to have a great time and upon my return I will definetely blog, who knows maybe I'll blog from Spain herself, who knows how it'll go. Of course like any exciting adventure, this trip comes with a down side. Because my host family is going skiing in the alps at almost the exact same length of time as my trip, I will not be going skiing in the Alps...THE ALPS. But I'm not bitter...Also because they leave two days befoe my train to Paris departs I'll be spending two days with my third family this week-end. Hopefully, I'll get to know them a little better before I move in with them in March/April. But yeah, that's my life for the next two weeks. Thanks for reading.

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