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So I was sitting at home bored today when an amazing concept donned on me, I don't need pictures or important news to be able to update my blog. So, I'll just fill you in on some of the things that've been going on recently. This past week was pretty uneventful. It pains me to say this, but I've actually fallen into a bit of a routine with school and my family and what-not. Me and some of my classmates had a bit of a going away party for two of the Germans who where finishing up a school organized exchange. (I had to resist the urge to tell them that 1 and a half months doesn't even compare to my 10 and a half.) Our party consisted of the two germans and six other students going to a fancy Italian restaurant and eating pizza. I have to say that the Italian restaurants in France are probably more authentic than the ones in the States (distance changes everything).

On Saturday, I was invited to lunch and two museum visits by a memeber of my rotary club. Which, I accepted without hesitation (because my mom says I'm not allowed to say no to those kinds of things). It was a good time, I was able to meet another exchange student from Lyon's district, an exchange from Brasil. And I was surprised when I first met her and she spoke better english than some of my friends back in the States. After a very cultured Saturday, I came back home at 9:30 without any problems. Then on Sunday, today if you found this update quickly, I watched my host brother's basketball team win its third game in a row.

So, if you're still reading then you truly are formidable. I guess the point of this update was just to show that I'm not riding any High-highs or Low-lows. For the moment, things are just...going. So, thanks for reading this entry with out any real point, and I hope that the next time I post I have some real news.

I'd like to wish my mom a very happy 28th anniversary of her 20th birthday. And also send congratulations to my new "cousin-in-law" Amy. Wish I could've been there for both.

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